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Montag, 9. November 2015, 09:07

EGR opened too much - too less fresh air (MAF info)

Hi, sorry writing english it is easier for me thought "ich ferstehe etwas..." :)

AUDI A6 ASB engine 3.0L 2007

Attached is log :
top half is requested and real amout of air (info from MAF) -you can see after sudden acceleration there is too little freash air though requested value is full
low half shows EGR % value (is it requested by ECU or measured by ECU ? )

if it is requested why is it opened to almost 100% recirculating too much exhaust gases? is there any differential pressure sensor DPFE to give info to ECU how much to open EGR?

if it is measured it would be mechanically driven by some vacuum? - I think it is unlikely as it is quite new car

another picture is schematic of intake so it can be seen how gases from exhaust can go fully to intake.....

turbo is perfektly following requested value for pressure (log is not attached)

my other cac Octavia ASZ opens EGR maximum to 4.8% only!

can anybody please provide log on group 3? MAF, MAP, EGR?

Why my EGR is opened too much?

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